Welcome! You’ve stumbled into my  big pile o' fiction. Most of it is about the world of Shadowrun (Er….before you get too excited, I have to tell you that the page has been in existence for more than 10 years now, in one incarnation or another, and much of what’s written here is from editions 1-3, so it might be unfamiliar if you got interested in the game more recently. Oh and sometimes we deviated from cannon even back then, so be warned). In any event, the setting is set 50-60 years in the future. Magic has returned, bringing with it political upheavel, dragons, mutations and a bunch of other fun stuff, corporations have grown into nations unto themselves and technology and violence are out of control. Sounds cool, neh?

I've written three complete novels and a pantload of short stories. I've also got fiction by several other authors. It's all free. ENJOY. Oh, and I’ve also added some more standard Sword and Sorcery stories recently because…. Well, because its my page, so I can.

What's New as of 7/7/10

Reclaimed 2 stories previously submitted to Winterhawk's site for contests

Divine Shadows

When the Bill Comes Due

Also lost my links page as most of the links are dead *sigh*. Time flies like the wind, fruit flies like bananas Racing Tips.

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shapcano suggests-

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These are two brilliant, dedicated writers whose work rivals anything published and who regularly produce the most enjoyable fiction in the entire shadowrun genre.

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This story is copyright of the author. Shadowrun was a Registered Trademark of FASA Corporation until they went busto foldo. Now Wizkids LLC owns it.....or possibly FanPro.....er..um...... Topps maybe? (I lost my score card). Whoever holds the trademark, they didn't call and tell me it was ok to write this, and anybody who says I said that is full of it. I'm not challenging any of the rights or trademarks of anybody who own's them, whoever they are. I'm just writing stories. Honest. Thank you for not litigating.