Green Mill Menu Items With Prices And Hours

Green Mill Menu: If you are one of those who want to get all the information regarding the Green Mill restaurant, including its holiday hours, Saturday hours, Sunday hours, and so on, then you are perfectly at the right place.

Here, with the help of this article, you can explore the menu, prices as well as so much more about this popular restaurant, so let’s get started….

About Green Mill

Green Mill is considered to be one of the popular restaurants and bar which is well-known for its exclusive Italian Cuisine.

It is basically a dining and takeaway restaurant which is quite popular and well-known for its pizzas, pastas, chicken wings, and beer. In addition to that, it also has a beautiful bar and dining areas which are perfect for a relaxing evening after work or just spending the night out.

The main reason for their success is their satisfied guests or customers and happy employees, but as we all know that it all starts with our menu. We strive to make dishes that you merely can’t find anywhere else. However, they have the classics, but at the same time, they also feature dishes that are exclusive to Green Mill. In the meantime, even the best recipes in the world don’t cut it deprived of the best ingredients accessible. Nearly all of Green Mill dishes are made from scratch each day with the finest and freshest ingredients available out of which many that are provided from local suppliers.

Green Mill Menu 

Green Mill not only offers great food but also the great ambiance and lots of options for drinks, just name anything and the restaurant has it all when it comes to food and servings. The restaurant is very popularly known for its delightful Italian spread and much more.

If in case you also want to know more about the restaurant and also about their menu prices, then you can go through the Green Mill menu, given below in this article. We have provided you with the Green Mill Lunch Menu along with its prices, so let’s get started….

Green Mill Lunch Menu Items 

Here is the Lunch menu of Green Mill along with its prices:

Appetizers Classics

  • Bruschetta- $9.99
  • Bacon-Wrapped Stuffed Jalapenos- $9.99
  • Onion Rings- $8.99
  • Spinach Dip- $8.99
  • Garlic Cheese Bread- $8.99
  • Chipotle Chicken Quesadilla- $8.99
  • Ellsworth Cheese Curds- $9.49
  • Coconut Chicken Fingers- $8.99
  • Three Cheese & Chipotle Chicken Nachos- $9.99


  • Tequila Lime Chicken Salad- $10.99
  • Coconut Chicken Salad- $10.99
  • Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad- $10.99
  • Pecan Craisin Spinach Salad- $9.99
  • Chicken Stir Fry Salad- $10.99
  • Cilantro Lime Shrimp Salad- $10.99
  • Thai Chicken Salad- $10.99
  • Cobb Salad with Chicken- $10.99 

Gourmet Pasta

  • Italian Sausage Trottole – $14.99
  • Lasagna Campanelle- $13.99
  • Shrimp Arrabiata – $15.99
  • mostaccioli- $12.99
  • Langostino Lobster & shrimp- $16.99
  • Desert Fire Pasta- $16.99
  • Tuscano Campanelle- $14.99
  • Spinach Tortelloni- $14.99
  • Chicken Parmesan- $13.99
  • Wild Mushroom & Chicken penne- $13.99
  • Lobster Mac Cheese- $16.99
  • Fettucine Alfredo – $13.99

Artisan Flatbreads

  • Italian Flatbread- $9.99
  • Garden Fresh Flatbread- $9.99
  • Spinach Artichoke Flatbread- $9.99
  • Chicken Diablo Flatbread- $9.99 

Award-Winning Wings

  • Classic Wings- $9.99
  • Wing sampler- $26.99 

Pizza Favourites

  • Extreme supreme- $15.99- $19.99
  • California BBQ Chicken Pizza- $14.99-$18.99
  • Margherita Pizza- $13.99- $17.99
  • The Italia- $15.99-$19.99
  • II Primo Pizza- $14.99- $18.99
  • Low-Calorie Chicken Pizza- $9.99

Classic Thin, Pescara or Old World

  • 1 Toppings- $14.00- $18.00
  • 2 Toppings- $15.00- $20.00
  • 3 Toppings- $16.00- $22.00 

Deep Dish

  • 1 Toppings- $11.00- $18.00
  • 2 Toppings- $12.00- $20.00
  • 3 Toppings- $13.00- $22.00 


  • 1 topping, 2 toppings, 3 toppings for $1.00
  • Udi’s 10-inch crust- $14.00-$16.00

Sandwiches & Wraps

  • NY Strip Ciabatta- $14.99
  • Greek Gyro- $11.99
  • Veggie Wrap- $10.49
  • Parmesan Walleye Sandwich- $14.99
  • Millhouse Club- $11.99
  • Grilled Adobo Chicken Naan- $11.99
  • Buffalo Chicken Wrap- $10.99
  • Italian Ciabatta- $10.99
  • Turkey Bacon Avacado Wrap- $10.99

Hand-Made Burgers

  • Avacado Ranch- $10.99
  • Western Mill- $10.99
  • Jalapeno Stacker- $10.99
  • Four-Cheese Bacon- $10.99 

Signature Selections

  • Garlic Lobster Chicken- $14.99
  • Classic Mill sirloin- $17.99
  • KaBeelo Lodge Walleye- $17.99
  • Beer- Battered Walleye & Chips- $14.99


Meat Selection Toppings            

Canadian Bacon, Pepperoni, Hamburger, Smoked Ham, Salami, Sausage, Spicy Chicken, Spicy Italian sausage

Veggies Selection Toppings       

Artichoke Hearts, Banana Peppers, Black Olives, Onion, Portobello Mushrooms, Broccoli, Fresh Tomatoes, Garlic, Green Olives, Green Pepper, Jalapenos, Mushrooms, Roma Tomatoes, Spinach & Garlic

Cheese Topping Selection          

Extra Cheese, Feta Cheese, Goat Cheese, Gorgonzola Cheese, Provolone Cheese

Other Selection Toppings           

Anchovies, Caramelized Onions, Fresh Basil, Pesto, Pineapple


German Chocolate Brownie- $6.99

Two chocolate brownies fully stuffed with housemade German chocolate filling along with that it is topped with hot fudge, caramel sauce, toasted coconut, and whipped cream

Skyscraper Cheesecake- $6.99

Served one of three ways plain, with strawberries, or topped with pecans, caramel, as well as chocolate sauce

Fresh Cookie Sundae- $5.99

Chocolate chunk cookie shell overloaded with ice cream, chocolate and caramel sauce, as well as creamy whipped cream

Kids Menu- Pizza

Regular or Whole-Grain Crust. Includes a choice of drink.

  • Mac & Cheese Pizza
  • Kids Menu- Pasta
  • One-Topping Pizza
  • Includes Choice of Drink
  • Macaroni & Cheese
  • Cheese Pizza
  • Pasta & Red Sauce

Kids Menu- Classic

  • Quesadilla
  • Chicken Tenders
  • Cheese Burgers

Kids- Drink

  • Chocolate Milk
  • Cranberry Juice
  • Milk
  • Lemonade
  • Orange Juice
  • Green Mill
  • Soda

Green Mills Specials

Pizza Favourites

  • California BBQ Chicken Pizza- $14.99-$18.99
  • II Primo Pizza- $14.99- $18.99
  • Margherita Pizza- $13.99- $17.99
  • The Italia- $15.99-$19.99
  • Extreme supreme- $15.99- $19.99
  • Low-Calorie Chicken Pizza- $9.99

Award-Winning Wings

  • Classic Wings- $9.99
  • Wing sampler- $26.99

Artisan Flatbreads

  • Italian Flatbread- $9.99
  • Chicken Diablo Flatbread- $9.99
  • Garden Fresh Flatbread- $9.99
  • Spinach Artichoke Flatbread- $9.99


Green Mill Hours

As far as Green Mill hours are concerned, its Lunch Hours begin from 11 AM and carries on till 2 PM. With the help of this post, we have provided you with the Green Mill daily opening and closing hours, so you can check out the restaurant timings for the day in advance of heading out for a meal.

Monday: 11.00 AM- 12.00 AM

Tuesday: 11.00 AM- 12.00 AM

Wednesday: 11.00 AM- 12.00 AM

Thursday: 11.00 AM- 12.00 AM

Friday: 11.00 AM- 1.00 AM

Saturday: 11.00 AM- 1.00 AM

Sunday: 11.00 AM- 12.00 AM

Green Mill Holiday Hours

For serving their customers even throughout the holiday season, the restaurant remains open for the duration of most of the holidays. You can visit Green Mill on holidays such as New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Presidents Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Easter Monday, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day, Independence Day (4th of July), Labor Day, Halloween, Veterans Day, New Year’s Eve, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve among many. Most of the Green Mill restaurants remain closed on Christmas Day.

Final Verdict

In this article, we have discussed many things about the Green Mill Menu along with its prices. Hopefully, this information will be beneficial for you. I hope this article has helped you to know more about Green Mill and its menu. Let us know in the comments section how the experience with Green Mill goes for you.

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