The Complete List Of Shake Shack Secret Menu Items You May Order!

Shake Shack Secret Menu: The secret menu always gives us a kind of excitement and thrill to our dining experience due to its secrecy in nature. Shake Shack Secret Menu, on the other hand, gives the same experience with their delicious, mouth-watering meals that are kept in secret.

Talking about Shake Shack, it is an American fast-casual restaurant chain that is based in New York City. It first begins its start-up as a hot dog cart inside Madison Square Park in the year 2001, and its fame progressively grew. Later in 2004, the company then moved to a stand within the park, increasing its menu from New York-style hotdogs to one with hamburgers, hotdogs, fries as well as its namesake milkshakes.

After its establishment, Shake Shack has become one of the fastest-growing food chains, that finally turn into a public company filing for an initial public that offers stock in late 2014. At the present date, Shake Shack Inc. owns as well as operates in more than 249 locations that are both domestically and internationally and is usually located in stand-alone restaurants as well as shopping malls.

If you are also one of them who are searching for the same, then carry on reading the further article until the end. Today, we are going to provide you with the right sources and information in order to check and know about the Shake Shack Secret Menu for your next purchase. So let’s get started….

Shake Shack Secret Menu

The List Of Popular Shake Shack Secret Menu Items

Here is the list of popular Shake Shack Secret Menu Items, so without any further delay let’s get started….

Peanut Butter & Bacon ShackBurger

It is a very unique Shake Shack Secret Menu item due to its extraordinary taste and texture that is going to lure you to come back for more. On the other hand, ShackBurger is made up of any ShackBurger that you would order with added Bacon as well as an extra side of peanut sauce.

For ordering this amazing delight, just simply ask them for peanut sauce on the side of your bacon Shack burger and you are going to drizzle that amazing peanut butter sauce all over your bacon and patty.

Protein Style Burger

This Shake Shack Secret Menu item is very unique and exceptional as this “protein style” comes with no buns and in spite of that is wrapped in lettuce. You can eat it with your bare hands but if you don’t like to be messy then it is better off eaten with a fork and knife.

If you want to order and enjoy this Shake Shack Secret Menu item, then simply ask for one or just simply order a burger that you want to eat without the buns, but if in case they deny that order, then simply order a burger and you take off the buns, once again making it quite easy for you and every customer.

The Smoke Shack Quad Burger

Enjoy this delicious burger with so much cheese and so much flavour. You will enjoy so much amazing-ness overflowing in your mouth that all your cravings going to satisfy after you will have it.

For ordering this, you just have to ask for this beast by name and after that, you shall be served. In addition to that this not for light food eaters, as this is a 2k+ calorie packer.

Extra ShackSauce

Being a Shake Shack regular customer, you always have this advantage that you know every detail about every meal or sauces. If you are also one of them then you should better know the taste of their delicious ShackSauce.

Here in Shake Shack Secret Menu, you get the chance to enjoy an extra serving of ShackSauce which will make your Shake Shack meal more amazing. For ordering, you just simply have to ask for extra ShackSauce, but at the same time, you must expect to pay a small amount extra for the sauce.

Ice Cream Sandwich

This is an amazing assembled sandwich that is made from grilled burger buns as well as custard ice cream that has been placed in the middle trying its best to mimic the popular Ice Cream Sandwich that we’ve all come to know. For ordering this, you just have to simply ask for a side of grilled burger buns as well as some custard ice cream.

Shackburger with Onions

If you like to have that amazing crunch in your burger, then you can even add onions for adding on your crunchy experience. All you have to do is to just simply ask for onions while ordering and your wish is the Shackmaster’s command.

Sport Pepper Cheese Fries

This Shake Shack Secret Menu item is one of the popular and favorite items on the list. This one is very special for any cheese as well as fresh-cut fries lovers. The small Peppers in the fries give an amazing spicy flavor to the Cheese Fries and is surely going to surprise anyone trying it for the first time.

For ordering this amazing delicious Shake Shack Secret Menu item, just simply ask for the Sport Pepper Cheese Fries, or just simply order some Sport Peppers on your Cheese Fries and then enjoy your meal.

Shack-Cago Burger

This is another popular Shake Shack Secret Menu item that comes with a twist on the original menu item, i.e., the Shack-cago Dog. The only difference between the two of them is that one is a Burger and another one is a Hot Dog. The Shack-cago Burger is filled with the original Shack-cago Dog toppings giving it an alike yet a little bit of different taste, which you will surely experience while eating the Burger.

Simply order the Chicago style hotdog, and transfer the exceptional delight, onion, cucumber, pickle, tomato, mustard, celery salt as well as peppers to your burger for a masterpiece of flavours.


In this article, we have discussed many things about Shake Shack Secret Menu. Hopefully, this information will be beneficial for you. I hope this article has helped you to know more about Shake Shack Secret Menu. Let us know in the comments section how the experience with Shake Shack Secret Menu goes for you.

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