List Of KFC Secret Menu Items You Need To Order

KFC Secret Menu: Kentucky Fried Chicken, which is also popularly known as KFC is a very famous American fast food restaurant chain all around the world. This popular brand is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, and specializes in fried chicken.

In addition to that, it is considered to be the second-largest restaurant chain in the world just after McDonald’s, with a total of 22,621 locations around the globe in 136 nations as of December 2018.

KFC was the first American fast-food chain that expanded at the international level, opening outlets in Canada, the United Kingdom, Mexico, as well as Jamaica by the mid-1960s. During the course of the 1970s and 1980s, it further experienced mixed fortunes nationally, as it went through a series of alterations in corporate ownership with little or no experience in the restaurant business.

As we have earlier stated that KFC consist of thousands of outlets all around the world and these locations serve great mouth-watering food items with some secret menu as well and that’s what we are going to share today.

If you are also one of them who are searching for the same, then carry on reading the further article until the end. Today, we are going to provide you with the right sources and information in order to check and know about the KFC Secret Menu for your next purchase. So let’s get started….

What is KFC Secret Menu?

This amazing popular fast food restaurant chain already consists of a huge menu, but if you are still unaware of it, then you should know that you can order what your heart truly cravings and is still not listed on the main menu. KFC Secret Menu is just a hidden menu of the KFC that you will not find in their main usually used menu.

The KFC Secret menu consists of some of the hidden gems that they have reserved as secret menu items, as well as like all secrets, you’ve got to be in on it to get what you want. After discovering the KFC secret menu, your visits to KFC will never again be the same.

The delicious, lip-smacking secret menu items listed below will surely have you coming back for more and more. Make sure to check out all the other Secret Menu items we have in store for you.

KFC menu is already amazing that by adding this secret menu item, it is simply going to make a delightful experience for any KFC lover.

How to Get Access to The KFC Secret Menu Online?

Secret menus are always pretty amazing and the secret makes it more exciting. KFC also has a secret menu that every KFC lover would love to enjoy. But if you are new to this secret menu, then we can pretty assume that you might not have the precise information regarding its access. So, don’t worry, we are here to help you out. Here is how we can get access to the KFC secret menu and join KFC’s secret society.

  • At first, you have to download the KFC app on your iOS or Android device
  • After that, you have to start the app and hit the Order Now button
  • Now simply search for a local KFC store
  • As soon as you have found a store, click on the Order button
  • After that you can see the menu over there, simply pull down the menu up till you see a cartoon version of Colonel Sanders and then hold it for about 11 seconds
  • As soon as you release it, you will see the Secret Menu.

Let’s Have A Look On Popular KFC Menu Items

Hot Pocket Bowl

Are you a fan of Hot Pockets? If yes, then you should definitely have to try them mixed with the other delightful ingredients in a KFC bowl. Even if you aren’t an enthusiast of Hot Pockets, perhaps this is the best method to get you to enjoy them.

It is an exclusive modification of the chicken bowl, with the ingredients including a chicken hot pocket, doused in melted cheese, hot gravy, and piled on with corn.

KFC Secret Menu

Triple Down

When KFC earlier announced its Double Down, it turns into such a popular and rare dish that it became a hit in KFC’s at the time of its establishment and now the restaurant moved a step ahead to Triple Down.

This delight is truly not for the light eater as it consists of massive levels of cholesterol, fat, grease, and general deliciousness. The Triple Down basically takes the original beast one step further, with all the ingredients of a Double Down, in addition to an extra chicken patty, extra bacon, as well as extra cheese.


Poutine is basically a delicacy in Canada that is replicated by one of the most American restaurants around. This also doesn’t stop KFC from creating a delightful stew of french fries as well as cheese curds smothered in hot gravy.

As we have already mentioned that Poutine is a delicacy in Canada, therefore Poutine secret menu item is in fact not so secret in Canadian KFC restaurants as it is a menu item accessible for all to order.

Extra Mashed Potatoes

This secret menu item is very exclusive and is going to require a little bit of testing while you try it out for the first time. KFC is changing the way we do mashed potatoes, by simply offering to literally add them to any entrée of your picking. Just like any other KFC topping, the extra mashed potatoes can now be added to any KFC menu item for giving the overall meal a different texture and unique taste.

KFC Biscuits on the Side

If you truly love the KFC buttery biscuits then you are going to love this secret addition of extra biscuits to any KFC menu item you can order. The extra side of the biscuit also comes with a small addition to the price of your order but at the same time, it also depends on your location as it is almost untraceable in the final price of your order.

Final Verdict

In this article, we have discussed many things about KFC Secret Menu. Hopefully, this information will be beneficial for you.

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