TJ MAXX Credit Card Login, Sign Up, Payment Process And Customer Service Number

TJ MAXX Credit Card consists of two types which are TJX Rewards Credit Card and TJX Rewards Platinum Mastercard. These are very easy to apply and the payment from these cards is simpler and convenient. There are many users who are new to TJ MAXX Credit Card, because of which they don’t know very well about the applying, login and payment process of these cards. If you are also one of those then this article is perfect for you. Learn how you can Apply for TJ MAXX Credit Card and can make payment for it along with many other crucial details right here.  

TJ MAXX Credit Card: How to Apply?

The first thing you have to do is to apply for the TJ MAXX Credit Card and once you get it then you have to activate it after which you can easily use it for making several payments. However, one must take note that you should check out for your eligibility in advance of applying for this credit card. If you didn’t qualify to meet their eligibility criteria then you can’t apply for their credit card and if you meet their credit requirements, then you will be offered a Platinum Mastercard. Here are the steps that will help you out in applying for your TJ MAXX Credit Card.

Step 1: At first, visit the official TJ MAXX Credit Card site from where you can apply for the same. Here are the links through which you can directly go to their homepage to apply for their credit card: or else go to

Step 2:  After visiting the site through above-mentioned links, you will be directed to the homepage.

Step 3: At there, you will be required to provide your credentials such as your full name, phone number, Email, annual income along with additional information.

Step 4: After that, you will be asked about your security number as well as your driving license.

Step 5: Now, you are going to get your login credentials such as your “Username” and “Password.” These credentials you can further use for the login process.

Note: Make sure, online method is the only way through which you can apply for T.J. Maxx Credit Card and it can’t be applied over the phone.

TJ MAXX Credit Card Login

TJ MAXX Credit Card Login Process

Here we have mentioned some very easy steps through which you can easily login to your TJ MAXX credit card. Follow these instructions and get successfully logged in to your online account.

Step 1: In the first step you have to visit their official online web portal, the link for which is given below:

Step 2: By visiting the site, you will land on the main page of the site

Step 3: Here you will see two blank boxes which will ask for your login credentials that you have already provided at the time of applying for the card.

Step 4: Enter “Username” and “Password” in the respective boxes. You must make sure to fill the correct details.

Step 5: After entering the details, click on “Secure login” button to successfully complete the process.

That’s it you are now logged to your account and can enjoy the credit card services now.

How to Pay With TJ MAXX Credit Cards Online and Over Phone?  

Making a payment with TJ MAXX Credit Cards through the online process and over the phone is very easy. With very simple steps you can pay for the goods and services with TJ MAXX Credit Cards. Follow these steps to do the same:

  • Online Process   

Step 1: Begin the process by visiting the homepage of TJ MAXX Credit Card online account by going to the official site.

Step 2: At the login page, enter your “Username” and “Password” to get access of your online account.

Step 3: After landing on the homepage of the site you have to click on the option “Summary” and then tap on the “Recurring Payments.”

Step 4: Enter the desired total sum that you want to spend every single month.

Step 5: After that, your bank details will be asked such as account number, so answer it correctly otherwise your payment process won’t complete successfully.

Step 6: Now, you have to add your bank routing number after that click on the submit button for completing the online payment process.

Step 7: Now, the automatic payment of your credit card is going to begin from the next month.

  • Payment Over Phone

If you are not comfortable in making your TJ MAXX Credit Cards Payment through the online procedure then you also have another simple option and that is through a phone call. In order to opt for this method, all you required to do is to make a call at their official call or service centre and the payment after providing the required details.

Make sure, payments for the TJ MAXX Store Card and MasterCard are done on different phone numbers. For the store card, call at the customer care service in this (800-952-6133) number. On the other hand, for making payment for the MasterCard, call at 877-890-3150 number.

TJ Maxx Credit Cards Late Payment

Those who are new to TJ Maxx Credit Cards and don’t know about its billing cycle and late payments should also know about these crucial details. First of all, the billing cycle ends after the 23 days and making payment after this limited time period will be considered as the late payment.

If you are making late payment then extra charges for the late fee will be charged and it will be added $35 against the credit card. The payment can be done earlier to the due date and before the timing of 5:00 PM EST. Otherwise, you will be asked to pay the extra amount of $35 of late fee and the payment can be done over the phone and through the online.

The Wrap-Up

With the help of this article, we have provided you with all the major details about TJ MAXX Credit Cards such as how to apply, how to login, how to make payment among many more. If you still have any question in your mind that you want to ask from us then go ahead and mention it in our comment section, we will provide a solution for your queries as soon as possible.

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